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Drupal's Query Builder, Circa 2011

The past two posts have looked at the evolution of a particular administration screen in Drupal — the Views query-builder. From its birth as a third-party plugin during the early years of Drupal’s evolution, to its current role as a foundation Drupal site architecture, it’s gone through quite a few iterations.

Drupal's Query Builder, Circa 2008

In the previous post, a quick tour of Drupal’s earliest click-and-drag SQL query building tool turned into a history of the CMS’s early years. Drupal’s 4.7 and 5.0 releases (shipping in 2006 and 2007, respectively) were average launches in terms of core functionality and editorial UX, but the Views and CCK plugins were fueling a period of rapid evolution in the user and developer communities.

Drupal's Query Builder, Circa 2006

In late 2005, Mambo (and its fork, Joomla!) dominated open-source content management; Wordpress had yet to dethrone Movable Type, and the “social” web was still ruled by community news portals and discussion boards. Drupal was an up-and-comer with promising ideas about flexible content organization, but few killer features to make it stand out in head to head evaluations.

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